Privacy Policy

The following is our written policy for the collection, and usage of information that Daystage, Inc. (“ClassWeekly”, "", "our", "we", or "us"), obtains through the ClassWeekly website (the "Website"); through the services offered via our website (these services, along with the Website are collectively the "Services").

All of our registered and non-registered users, including young children under the age of 13, are subject to this privacy policy. Please refer to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA") Privacy Policy ("COPPA Policy") in the second part of this document for more details about how we protect the privacy of children.

By using our website, you acknowledge that any information we collect from or about you through our Services will be handled in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use, govern your use of our Services and any privacy dispute. By reference, this Privacy Policy is incorporated with the Daystage, Inc. Terms of Use.

About Us: ClassWeekly provides parents, teachers, and school administrators with high quality educational resources organized in a way that makes it very easy for our users to find the exact resources they need, anywhere. All digital worksheets, resources and learning materials were created by educational experts to help students learn key concepts through engaging & highly organized content.

Collected Information: Depending on how you use our Services, it is possible that we may receive information about you from yourself, from other people, or through automatic systems we have in place (such as Google Analytics, as referred to later in this Privacy Policy). We might combine the data we've gathered from or about you from these different sources.

Below, you will learn more about the different ways through which we may collect information directly from you.

Registration: visitors of our website can access limited content without signing up as a member. However, in order to become a member, you must register, which will allow you to download worksheets, participate in digital learning experiences, customize or personalize your experience, and gain access to additional features we have developed, or will develop in the future. To register, you need to provide us with general information required by us to create a unique account for you (such as a working email address, a password, full name, etc).

Pro Plan: In order to access our full worksheet library, and additional features that are not available to non-members, you will need to register as a pro (“premium”) user, and you may be required to supply additional personal information, billing information, or other specific information which will allow us to activate your plan and charge for the usage of our products or services.

Additional Information We May Collect: By using our products or services, we may collect your name, email address, job title, phone number, the name of your school or organization, account type, payment method, and the content of any worksheet you view, download, or create using our services. We use different tools to gather and store data. This includes cookies, pixels, event tags, databases, server logs, and local storage (i.e. browser web storage, site data cache, etc). In addition, account information, IP address, domain name, browser type, operating system, web pages viewed while logged in, links clicked, time spent on our website, and referring URLs (the website that directed a user to our Services), may all be included with the information we collect. Also, we may compile data on how our users or site visitors interact with our services, including which worksheets they view, and their download history.

Collected Data via Third Party: You can create a ClassWeekly account by connecting with a third-party account, including Meta (AKA Facebook) and Google. By doing so, you give ClassWeekly permissions to access some data layers from the used third-party service, including, but not limited to, your name, email address, and any other information you approve.

Cookies and Tracking: When users browse different websites, different cookies may be sent to their browsers in order to help those websites remember information about their visit, which can make the experience more useful to you. We also send cookies to your browser but only ones which are absolutely necessary for you to use our website and our services will be placed on your device if you are located in the United Kingdom or the European Economic Area. You can, of course, disable such cookies by modifying the settings of your web browser. Please continue reading to learn more about the kinds of cookies we may send to your device if you are a user from the rest of the world.

We only use the individual data we collect through the use of “cookies” for internal operations like tracking usage of our products and services or accessing member profiles, and may provide aggregated usage reports to internal and external clients.

Third-party Tracking: We obtain and analyze data on customer usage with the aid of third-party online tools, such as Google Analytics. In order to provide their services to us, these service providers act as our limited agents. Every piece of data these third parties learn about ClassWeekly or our users will remain our property, and is protected by this privacy statement. Except as provided in our agreements with these service providers or as may be required by law, we do not permit these service providers to share, distribute, print, or otherwise make reference to any session data of users of our Services.

For more information about the privacy practices of one of our service providers, please refer to the Google Privacy Policy.

Use of Information

Our goal is to only use information we collect from you in order to customize your experience on our site, and content you may see. This also includes managing payments, UI changes, different offers, features, products, services, user authentication, software updates and other service or product related activities.

Email updates: When you sign up to ClassWeekly, we may send your provided email address updates that might include links to our website, social media profiles, and educational content that has been carefully curated by our team. You can unsubscribe from our email updates by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of an email or replying to the sender.

Communication: On occasion, we may use your information to get in touch with you (mainly via email) about how you use our Services, and also to send you news about new features, products or services, to answer any questions you may have, and for other educational, marketing, or promotional purposes.

Data Analysis: We may use your information for research, analytical, and statistical purposes, to analyze usage and activity trends, and to track how our users interact with our products or Services.

Protection of rights: We use your data to detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security, or technical issues, and to stop activity that may deem to be, or to pose a risk of being, illegal or unethical. We use your information to protect our own property, safety, and rights, as well as your own, any third party we’re affiliated with, and the general public. We may use it to enforce this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.

Legal Compliance: We may use your information to respond to court orders or any other legal processes, to comply with applicable legal or regulatory obligations, to participate in legal proceedings, or in response to a formal or informal inquiry from law enforcement or a government agency.

Please note that you may access, modify, or delete any personal information you have provided to us by emailing us at

Disclosure of Information: Except for the purposes of providing you with our products or services, we will not distribute your personal data to non-affiliated parties, in any form, unless we have your permission to do so, or in the following situations:

  • in response to legal process issued by law enforcement authorities, state and federal regulators, or in other ways;
  • to carry out our Privacy Policy or Terms of Use, as well as to assert or defend our legal rights, including the prevention of fraud;
  • detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security, or technical issues, as well as anything else that may give rise to, an illegal, unethical, or legally actionable activity.
  • To unconnected businesses that we hire as contractors to carry out tasks for us, such as managing our website, systems, and software; or sending direct mail. In accordance with this Privacy Policy, we will only share your data with said contractors as reasonably required for them to carry out services for us;
  • based on an explicit or implicit threat, where we consider it necessary, to try and prevent any harm people or their property;
  • To other organizations with whom we have joint marketing agreements, such as direct marketers who carry out marketing tasks on our behalf.
  • relating to a corporate merger, acquisition, asset purchase, or other transaction or proceeding involving all or some of the company's assets or business, whether actual or proposed;

We may also release anonymous, or aggregated user data for marketing, compliance, research, or other uses as needed.

Security: Securing and protecting the data we collect is our primary focus. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that no security measure can guarantee security, and we are not liable for any passwords that are forgotten, used by someone who isn’t you, or otherwise compromised, or for any account activity that results from unauthorized password use.

Privacy Policy Updates: We may decide to update this privacy policy from time to time. If we do so, we will make a note of it on the website or by addressing our users via email. Please make sure to read this Privacy Policy carefully before adding your personal information on one of our Services as we reserve the right to make changes at any time. If we make any changes that may alter the way we disclose your data that was collected by us prior to the change, you will be able to opt out of our services or request that we remove any information that was collected from you.

Third-party Services: Please note that links to other third party services, websites or applications may be found on our Services or website. This Privacy Policy does not cover your personal interactions with other businesses that you have linked to through our Services. Any data that you share with those businesses is subject to each of their own privacy policies.

Contact Us: The Services are operated by Daystage, Inc. Please send any inquiries about this policy to


COPPA Policy

Children's and all of our users' privacy is something we value greatly. In this COPPA Policy, "child" or "children" refers to a child or children under the age of thirteen (13) years who use our website services at (collectively, the "Website"). This COPPA Policy is intended to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA"), and It contains important information for parents and teachers about how we collect, use, and disclose the personal information we collect from children under thirteen (13) years of age who use Personal information about children will be handled in accordance with this COPPA Policy.

This COPPA Policy section, our Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Use, that include any applicable limitations on damages and the resolution of disputes, all apply to the use of our Services and any privacy dispute. This COPPA Policy section is incorporated by reference into our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Child Information: We may obtain information about children directly from them, as well as from their parents, teachers, and school administrators, as well as automatically from the use of our services by children. We may combine automatically collected data with other data we have gathered about children using our Services..

Parents, teachers, and schools are the primary audiences for many of our services. Our Services are designed in such a way that an adult, whether parent, teacher or school administrator, must create an account before their child can access our Learning Experiences. We generally do not require or collect personal information directly from children, even though children under 13 may use some components of our Services.

To access the full range of our Services when a child uses our Services under a Pro Membership, a parent, educator, or school administrator must first register and pay for a pro plan, which may include a dedicated resource library containing the child's name.

Additionally, regardless of membership level, we may collect any information that a child provides to us through our Services, which may include the child's name if not already provided by a parent or teacher.

Automatically Collected Information: Through the use of cookies and other technologies, we may automatically obtain data on how children use our services, data which includes, but isn’t limited to: pages viewed, links clicked, avg. session duration, IP addresses, referring websites, browser name, and device type, amongst other data layers or unique identifiers.

Child Information Usage: Please note that we will only use any data collected to improve user experience while using our Services.

How We Disclose Children’s Information: We do not allow children to use our Services in order to disclose their personal information. Any personal information we gather from children is never distributed, or given to a third party for marketing purposes. To provide our services while protecting our users as well as our Services or, and as otherwise specified in the "Disclosure of Information" section of our Privacy Policy, we may generally disclose the personal information that we collect about children.

Nearly all of the data we gather from parents, teachers, and school administrators can be viewed by logging into your account, reviewing your account profile and libraries, and updating the data we keep on file for your child (i.e. a worksheet library with your child’s name or username). Parents, teachers, and schools have the right to see the data we've gathered about their children, have it removed from the site, and request that we stop using that data. You can also send us an email at if any assistance is needed to remove or modify this data. Please be sure to include your name, your email, your child’s data which you have added to your account, and a clear description of the issue you need our help with. Please be aware that copies of said information may be accessible for a while through cached and archived copies of the Services' pages. Parents, teachers, and school administrators may cancel their accounts along with any information about their children if they decide they no longer want us to collect and use their children's personal data.

COPPA Policy Update: We may decide to update this section of our privacy policy from time to time, so please make sure to read this COPPA Policy carefully before adding your personal information on one of our Services. If we make changes to this section of our Privacy Policy, we will make a note of it on the website or by addressing our users via email.